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FTCR data suggest swift margin erosion as more companies bemoan currency strength 

Changes in China’s industrial policy on electric vehicles have sent profits sharply lower

Beijing endeavours to provide institutional support for expanding international role

China portrays visit as return of prodigal son but relationship remains tense

Making use of guanxi can be lucrative but is also fraught with danger

China seen as vulnerable, but critics say Trump has squandered a strong hand

Concerns over Beijing political meddling fuel debate among academics

Recent measures by the US risk triggering a trade war and hampering global growth

North Korean dictator says he is open to abandoning controversial nuclear programme

FTCR China Export Index sees best March reading in 3 years

Beijing looks to tighten grip over internet, data and technology

Reopening of quotas after 2-year hiatus comes as Beijing plans sweeping market opening

China shows it is back in the game by hosting North Korean leader