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Beijing could get drawn into a war on the peninsula

The events of the coming week are likely to have a major influence on global relationships

Two Chinese universities in top 10, far outpacing most Asian rivals

Hong Kong, China, November 6, 2017 / – The ‘Alibaba Cloud Link’ and ‘Ali_SDK’ from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba subsidiary, employs Nordic nRF52832 SoC and nRF5 SDK to simplify development of home automation, smart city, and industrial IoT applications Nordic Semiconductor today announces that Hangzhou, China-based, Alibaba Cloud IoT, a business unit of e-commerce giant… Read More

Governments around the world are launching new trade talks, leaving the US isolated

Fears sector is expanding too fast as Beijing uses Dublin as bridgehead for growth

US president uses 1st stop on Asia tour to complain relationship is ‘not free or reciprocal’

Disparity in figures stands to undermine confidence in start-ups