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High-level meetings cancelled since new Afghan policy announced

There is no Silicon Valley comparison to the dominance of Alibaba and Tencent

A large segment of the Balkan population still hopes for EU membership, despite the problems afflicting the bloc. Although EU leaders cannot guarantee that the accession process will ever be quick and easy, they are the only ones who can ensure that it…

From 1m in 2013, the number of Chinese in the continent is in decline, analysts say

Asian rivals defuse spat after New Delhi withdraws troops from disputed territory

US President Donald Trump has outlined a strategy that he claims will help stabilize Afghanistan and bring America's 16-year-long military intervention in the country to an end. But the strategy is likely to fail to achieve Trump's stated goals – and may well make matters in South Asia worse.

Hong Kong, China, August 28, 2017 / – Hong Kong — 22 August 2017 — In the era of Experience Business, design and creativity are key differentiators for businesses looking to pull away from competitors and deliver the best experiences for their customers. New research from Adobe has highlighted the role of design thinking and… Read More

Hong Kong, August 28, 2017 / – TiENPAY Limited, a pioneer financial technology firm that offers a global digital mobile wallet, clearance and settlement platform, announces that it has launched its T8Coin initial coin offering (ICO). The offering, from which investors can purchase TiENPAY's proprietary T8Coin tokens with attractive investment return prospects, will fund the… Read More

Company denies the ‘vicious rumours’ but shares in Hong Kong unit slide

A string of American capitulations has gifted the superpower its technological expertise

Rise of pet owners reflects growing incomes in developing world

Chinese clothing brand JNBY opened a new JNBYHOME store, JNBY's new designer home supplies brand, in Hangzhou. JNBYHOME is a home supplies brand launched by JNBY in December 2016 and it opened its first store…

Kingsoft published its unaudited performance report for the second quarter of 2017 stating that the company achieved operating revenue of …

VIPKID, an online education company that matches Chinese students with North American teachers, announced in Beijing that the company has …

American ride-hailing company Uber recently announced that after studious evaluation, the company decided to increase the charge of its services …