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The dating club was a roaring success but it was keeping paying customers out of the café, write Hellmut Schütte, Jocelyn Probert and Sumelika Bhattacharyya

The proliferation of China’s opaque, loosely regulated (or unregulated) shadow-banking system has been raising fears of possible financial instability. But just how extensive – and how risky – is shadow banking in China?

China has protested at visits of Japanese cabinet members to the Yasukuni shrine after South Korea’s foreign minister suspended plans for a trip to Japan

Blue-collar labour shift from surplus to shortage has turned the tables in favour of those longing for consumer rewards, says James Kynge

Beijing's Tsinghua University has landed a scholarship program potentially worth USD300 million to indoctrinate foreign students about the importance of China ties. Blackstone founder Stephen A. Schwarzman announced a USD100 million personal gift to en…

LUFTHANSA canceled 15 China flights today, including a flight from Shanghai to Frankfurt, due to a strike called by ver.di, one of Germany's largest trade unions.

FOREIGN direct investment in Shanghai rose 10.4 percent from a year earlier to US$1.45 billion in March, a three-month high in terms of value due to more investment in the city's service sector, the Shanghai Statistics Bureau said today.

SALES of new residential properties rose for the second week in Shanghai to stand above the 200,000-square-meter threshold again, evidence of recovering sentiment following an increase in new supply.

TOP information technology firms, including Apple Inc and Samsung, announced today to donate more than 110 million yuan (US$17.5 million) for Ya'an city in Sichuan Province hit by a powerful earthquake.

CO-RO Food, a 70-year-old Danish juice company, has built its new plant in Guangdong province. Nils Ronnow, president of CO-RO Food China, said that China has become the second largest market for CO-RO Food. The company invested about CNY100 million in…

Yahoo China has sent an official email to its mailbox users, stating that the company will close its email service on August 19, 2013, and all user data will be temporarily taken over by Alibaba's cloud-based service The official email said…

WHO says two more people have died from a new strain of avian influenza. Chinese authorities report six new cases, bringing the total to 102