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Beijing’s insistence on not recognising Taiwan is matched by its calls for the Vatican not to interfere with the state-run Chinese Catholic church

At this month's BRICS summit in Durban, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa will set ambitious goals. But, given the obstacles to cooperation – from mutual distrust to disparate interests – that exist among them, they are more likely to achieve their goals individually.

Foreign direct investment in China rose for the first time in nine months in February, as the world's second-largest economy showed signs of further stabilization, the Ministry of Commerce said this morning.

China-based ZTE Corporation has responded to a lawsuit and accusations in Europe from rival Chinese technology firm Huawei over patent infringement. Huawei had previously filed a court petition to the Mannheim court in Germany against ZTE Deutschland G…

Cyber hacking, the renminbi and market access are high on the agenda for talks between the US Treasury secretary and the Chinese president

THE price of oil reversed sharp early losses and finished higher yesterday as nervousness over a bailout plan in Cyprus abated.

STOCKS closed lower on Wall Street as investors worried that a controversial proposal to seize money from depositors in Cyprus could set off another bout of anxiety over Europe's shared currency.

VICE Foreign Minister Zhai Jun yesterday stressed raising the quality of the China-Africa trade partnership and projecting responsible images of Chinese corporate culture in Africa.

THE number of users on China's own 3G mobile network surged 84.1 percent year on year to surpass 100 million for the first time at the end of February, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said yesterday.

The Weather Company International announced an expanded cloud and big data technology deal with Huafeng Group, a division of the China Meteorological Administration. Huafeng has completed installation of DataCloud, The Weather Company's proprietary big…