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City's hub goal rides high wave with shipping center
Aggregated Source: Shanghai Daily: Business

THE world's largest international shipping association opened its Shanghai Center yesterday, making it the city's first international shipping organization.

The Copenhagen-based Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) has more than 2,500 members globally, controlling more than 15,000 ships and 65 percent of the world's tonnage.

Nearly 75 percent of international shipping and other related industries in the world operate under BIMCO's contracts.

Torben Skaanild, secretary-general of BIMCO, said the set-up of the center in Shanghai is a milestone for the council.

BIMCO will help China amplify the "voice" of the Chinese shipping industry on the world maritime stage, especially in crafting global shipping standards and trade rules, he said.

Shanghai will improve its infrastructure construction to build itself into an international shipping center, as well as develop its shipping service industries that rely on BIMCO, said Zhang Lin, vice director of Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority.

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