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$47bn acquisition moves forward after Trump intervenes on behalf of ZTC 

Some scientists sceptical that symptoms felt by embassy staff were caused by high-tech weapons

Beijing has different regional interests to US and prefers more discreet talks

Global agencies will give comfort to funds assessing Chinese domestic corporate debt

FTCR China Labour Index weakens again as construction sector fails to lend support

President looks to boost commercial flghts to place US ahead of China

Many experts doubted Kim’s commitment to giving up his nuclear weapons

Automakers warn move could disrupt supply chains and endanger trading system

The president’s obsession with manufacturing plays to his base but ignores services

Carriers told to refer to island nation as part of mainland or be subject to legal action

Trump blames Beijing for summit setbacks, but experts say Pyongyang is not a vassal state

Pompeo says ‘piercing noises’ were similar to those heard by envoys in Cuba

FTCR Consumer Index hits fresh high but housing market crackdown will weigh

Pentagon says move is response to Beijing’s military build-up in South China Sea

Beijing’s demand that White House softens stance on ZTE has met with Republican opposition

Listing of industrial robot maker FII has been designed not to upset secondary market

Components ban hurts Chinese telecoms group as well as US suppliers

MP alleges Chinese-Australian businessman bribed UN official