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Washington says trip by counter-terrorism head to Chinese region is 'highly inappropriate'

Downward pressure on China's currency is a logical response to US tariffs

Huatai is trying to breathe life into cross-listing scheme but timing is not ideal

Uber takes to the skies, the book trade battles Amazon, Big Tech reshapes competition

Remarks come as Bernard Chan says violent protests make discussion of proposed legislation 'impossible'

China's cuisine is largely savoury — but those with a sweet tooth needn't miss out

If Beijing damages business confidence, the territory becomes just another Chinese city

Chinese brokerage prices stock towards lower end of range

China brokerage cuts ties with Swiss bank over swine fever remarks

May data add to pressure on Beijing to unleash further stimulus measures

Founder and husband's $17bn wealth topples Baidu's Robin Li and wife from rich list

Protests over China extradition bill

Thin spreads for corporate bonds over US Treasuries suggest unwarranted optimism

MIT looks at following Rutgers in severing iFlytek partnership

Invites have gone out for a screening of some short films by spoof DJ MC Grindah

'Human rights and democracy act' comes as territory braces for more protests

Two finance industry professionals tell the FT why they want to block the bill

Protests against an extradition bill have met with a far tougher response than the occupy demonstrations of 2014

CrowdStrike surges, Lyft and Uber team up on driver status, Samsung's 292in TV

Generic drug company founded by chemistry teacher is set for straight-A success

To do so would lead to fickle portfolio flows without monetary policy autonomy

Focusing on cheaper renewables instead would benefit these three nations and the world

Uncertainty over Wu Xiaohui's treatment comes as Hong Kong protests against extradition to China

Encrypted messaging app used by demonstrators to disseminate tactics