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Falling ratings at lenders could force funds to exit their investments

Rise in revenues comes with Chinese parent opening doors for Scottish travel group

Tariff threats strengthen easing case as economy slows, but wholesale retreat unlikely

Country’s first $100m movie pulled after opening weekend box office take of just $7m

Beijing says it does not want to sideline US in quest to preserve global trade system

Europe seeks common front with China against tariff threat

Tehran looks to China as fears grow over embargo’s impact on the economy

Growth beats expectations despite deleveraging campaign as trade war impact looms

Lenders ‘actively co-operating’ with western institutions to spread funding burden

New central bank rules ban online financial giants from investing customer funds

Move to build common cause with Europe against Trump trade tariffs

Monetary Authority works with Ping An to cut paperwork and reduce fraud

A broad group of experts think economic integration with China should be reversed

GOP worries about the impact of US trade wars in hard-fought congressional districts

The Chinese are targeting goods made in the US president’s heartlands

Xiaomi’s tepid listing reflects wariness over high valuations and its lack of profits

Japan is a less likely punching ball for Donald Trump than either Germany or China

Da Hong Pao is only grown in a few areas of China's Fujian province

A timely account of how Beijing is expanding its influence makes for sober reading

Sterling lower after Trump comments on Brexit deal highlight its exposure to politics

First estimate on the impact of Trump’s trade war points to gains for Brazilian growers

Outflows for 10th straight week take for the group,losses since start of May to more than over $17bn