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Trump’s top economic adviser lowers expectations of truce in tariffs war

Funding from questionable provenance is all too common

Beijing’s duties on US soyabeans have been a boon for Latin American farmers

What is important is the quality and sustainability of development

Recommendation against trips into country comes after authorities question banker

With its rule book undermined by Beijing and its judicial arm criticised by the US, can the body restore its reputation?

Tens of thousands demand president takes tougher stance against China

Liu He seeks to bolster confidence in reform programme after GDP figures are released

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets

Crackdown on unofficial imports is not all bad news for sector

Despite a bounce on Friday, the country’s stock market has had a torrid few months

A series that explores the entire length of the Yangtze river, starting at its source

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Sell-off in Italian bonds as EU budget clash stands out on list of risk factors

Activist investor details relationships among 26 entities linked to bad debt manager

Seoul to operate in ‘far seas’ amid doubts over US commitment to north-east Asia

Concerns over economic growth and trade prompt rare statements from agency heads

Giving patterns of Chinese-Americans have moved on to social and impact investing, often to causes in Asia

Quarterly GDP growth of 6.5% weakest expansion since depths of global financial crisis

China reported its slowest quarterly growth figure in almost a decade

Start-ups put off by HKEX’s lengthy IPO vetting procedures and stricter scrutiny

UK-based bank on track to become first foreign issuer of securities on China mainland