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Reliance on American chips leaves facial recognition camera maker Hikvision vulnerable

Clark Air Base development is latest sign of Rodrigo Duterte’s tilt towards Beijing

Shan Weijian’s Hong Kong-based private equity firm defies US-China trade war worries

Xi and Pence spar over trade and security at Apec with G20 looming

Mike Pence unveils plan as strategic competition with China heats up in region

Chinese group’s rapid expansion ran into problems in London and UK

Since the trade war, a gutted industry.

Biel Crystal said to have laid off thousands of factory workers due to fewer orders

Beijing takes lead as nations jockey for position ahead of UN summit in Poland

Two countries in spending race as US influence across Asia begins to fade

Switch to favouring Brazilian crops follows eruption of trade war with the US this year

Big city sites are oversubscribed while remoter storage facilities run at half-strength

US should not oppose the projects but offer alternative solutions

Negotiators explore options that could lead to pact but core issues still intractable

The White House would do better to focus on areas of legitimate grievance

Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt say sorry after footage of poor cleaning habits goes viral

Beijing is vying with rival India for influence across south Asia

Short-seller that brought down Samsonite chief goes after China ecommerce group

Pence takes veiled swipe at Beijing’s regional ambitions ahead of Trump-Xi meeting at G20

Extreme weather, trade war and virulent pig diseasethreatened risk disrupting markets

Backlash in south-east Asia against imports of rubbish that used to be recycled in China

Authorities dial down pollution goals to boost flagging economic growth

The anniversary of ‘reform and opening’ has sparked a contest of narratives about who was responsible

Investment drops as momentum fades