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Targeting of $3bn of goods seen as show of restraint but prospect of escalation remains

Asian markets hit hard as investors seek havens but selling moderates in Europe

Investors move into havens in reaction to Trump tariff plans

FTCR China Freight Index falls to seven-month low as volumes and rates are hit

Huge national ID database encourages government and private sector

Donald Trump unveils plan for 25% tariffs on $60bn in annual imports from China

Shares in exporters hit by fears that measures will prompt trade war with Beijing

Robots, advanced IT, aerospace equipment and pharmaceuticals could be affected

Unilateral trade sanctions are not as effective as multilateral action

President calls for 25% duties on up to $60bn in goods in intellectual property fight

After leaving Richemont, Georges Kern is at a brand in need of radical rethinking

Move aimed at luring big Chinese tech groups seen as also benefiting Hong Kong

White House draws up hit list of tariffs, investment curbs and tougher visa rules

Both sides have claimed victory but French game developer has a rosier glow