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Market jitters raise fears over margin calls as share prices fall

There is a glaring conflict of interest in a payment platform giving users scores

Shifting industrial dynamics make it difficult to decide what some high-flyers are actually worth

Influx of gamblers drawn by casino boom causes resentment in Sihanoukville

Partnership aims to address infrastructure funding gap in Africa

State-funded boats scour world’s oceans after depleting local stocks

Survey shows strong demand for non-renminbi assets but access will remain restricted

The country’s answer to a perceived Chinese threat risks detaching it from supply chains

Cheaper drugs cut burden on Sanming budget, but locals grumble over quality of care

Beijing in talks with tribal separatists in Baluchistan to protect $60bn investment

Bangladesh under pressure over bids for 25% share in growing market

Beijing says it will protect its interests if Donald Trump imposes trade penalties

Mandarins fret over luxury image of ‘people’s drink’

Tough action set to provoke anger from China and other global trading partners

Beijing’s authoritarian brand presents a direct challenge to liberal traditions

UK chief for Pasteur Institute, cognitive prosthetics, fighting diabetes via hip hop

Tech stocks were the biggest driver of returns in the Year of the Rooster

In his first written account of his ordeal, the Briton arrested in China while working for GSK looks back on 23 harrowing months in jail

SEC concerned that foreign ownership would stymie its access to bourse’s records

Millions are flocking to home villages in China for new year celebrations

The US economy has enjoyed significant benefits from its inclusion

Demand for hides for use in traditional medicine drives push to increase domestic numbers

After an international expansion, Chinese group sells assets and protects cash

Canberra wary of economic retaliation from Beijing after spike in political tensions