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Dulwich College offshoot is part of a growing trend aimed at China’s middle class

Patching up victims of a trade war to keep it going is ill-advised

Concerns remain that tariff dispute between US and China will escalate

BP and Shell meetings, rising trade tensions, and Australians vote for coal

Developing countries pull ahead for first time since 2013 despite widespread gloom

Investors wait for resolution to impasse between Washington and Beijing

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets

Curbs on the Chinese company play into the trade war rhetoric. But American industry fears it has a lot to lose from the dispute

Gulf state keen to become leading Mideast partner for Belt and Road Initiative

‘Serious credit risk’ cited at lender once controlled by Xiao Jianhua

US consumers are feeling the pain.

Rapidly expanding Chinese chain’s revenue growth stutters in subsidy-based model

‘Say what you like about American industry, we can still manufacture a mean trade war’

Thirty years after covering the massacre, James Kynge goes in search of the dissidents who shook Beijing

Donald Trump says that Huawei could be included in a trade deal with Beijing

President Trump seeks to inject measures preventing devaluations into trade deals

Territory’s first political refugees warn of creeping interference from Beijing

Depreciation would be as much psychological as strategic in the face of trade war

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets

President details $16bn package for farmers as stocks fall on stand-off with Beijing

The inaugural China International Music Competition comes at a time when concert halls are packed with young audiences

The yield on the US benchmark fell to 2.322 per cent

Higher levy on Chinese goods will ‘create economic distortions’, researchers warn

Equities sell off puts S&P 500 on course for worst month of the year

China’s dependence on foreign suppliers has been cruelly exposed  

Surveillance equipment maker faces threat of ban as Washington moves to target Chinese tech groups

Rising US inventories and China trade spat knock Brent crude lower